About Us

You only know three things in life; where you’ve been, the journey you’ve taken and on which path this has led you to. My path may not have been easy but it leads me in turning my dream of Truly Yours into a reality which makes everything so worth it!

Truly Yours aspires to provide you with items that are truly your own. Each piece is uniquely designed for you from me. These garments are made from soft, luxurious textured materials that aim to make you feel truly yourself.

My wish for you is to experience the feeling of owning something that is truly yours.

We would love to be part of your wardrobe with a piece that never goes out of style and for that reason we do necessarily follow any specific trends.

To keep our designs unique we limit the amount of items we produce and try to avoid repeating the same fabric.

Truly Yours | Truly Mine | Truly Ours